Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book review: MOMO by Kevin Kraft


MOMO is a novel based on what is known as the Missouri Monster, which is similar to Big Foot. If either exist to even compare them. As it is advertised as a Christian novel, I wasn't sure how the idea of the monster would go with faith. I have to say the faith aspect didn't seem to be too important. It was more a book about people with faith, which is fine, but definitely changes the tone of the book and subsequently my review.

As a thriller, its length perhaps makes it more of a startling novel, rather than actually thrilling. I may be immune to certain things, but I didn't find this making my heart race as I read it. There are some books that, when I read it, I find to likely work better as a movie than a novel. This is one of those novels. Perhaps that's a good thing. With the author's background in screenplays, this only makes more sense.

I didn't find the characters realistic, unfortunately, especially in the way they spoke to each other. There was very little that made me think they were father and son. It was only perhaps the last few pages where I could see it. Another issue was the flipping back and forth between calling one of the main characters Mark, and then Dad, all in the same narrative. If it's from Evan's perspective, fine call him Dad. But make sure there's a distinct flip between perspectives. If it's omniscient (and there's nothing wrong with that) then he would be called Mark the entire time.

If I had to say anything about the faith aspect of the novel, I did enjoy what could be interpreted from it. Evan questions why God would make a monster like MOMO. I think that's a question many people ask, but worded slightly different: "Why are people bad? Why do bad things happen? Why does God make bad things?" I will say that the novel answers this well, but I can't say their faith in God is what got them through, nor did it have much to do with their relationship with each other. But I do like the implications in having faith in a God who would create this kind of monster.

If you're looking for a quick read, and are easily pulled into thrillers, MOMO fits the bill.

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