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On the verge of victory, one secret threatens to destroy everything they've ever worked for...

In the tenth year of the newest athletic craze, the Canadian Scanning Tournament, team Revolution is set to become the National Champion. As the team struggles to mend the divides quickly enveloping them, one team-mate has more than just the responsibility of winning. He must keep a dangerous secret while protecting his team from others in the Underground.

Things slowly slip out of control as sabotage threatens Revolution’s chance of winning the tournament, their career in the CST, and the revealing of a secret which will change Scanning and the multibillion-dollar company that created it. Forever.

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After creating the perfect Artificial Intelligence Morphers, Cam is running for his life. But the McCarthys are everywhere, and see everyone...

One year after quitting the Canadian Scanning Tournament Cam Tylar is ready. When Artificial Intelligence Morphers (AIMs) were created twenty years earlier, scientists found a dangerous flaw in the substance and chip coding which allows AIMs to become animalistic. Underground scientists have finally created a chip which will always remain under the programming definitions, and Cam has successfully trained it.

But the founders of Scanning, the McCarthys, are not happy. If the public finds out they were selling potentially dangerous AIMs it would ruin the sport, Scanning, and their reputation.

Maria Kier, now resigned from Revolution, joined the Canadian Army as an AIM Operations Technician. After an attempt on her life she seeks out Cam for answers, not knowing he is looking for the same thing. Now Cam and the Underground along with Maria must find a way to bring the new AIM into the mainstream and bring down the McCarthys.

And keep their lives.

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