Monday, 6 July 2015

Review for "The Vengeance Game" by Dennis Ciapura

The Vengeance Game by Dennis Ciapura

The Vengeance Game by Dennis Ciapura is the tale of two worlds. The first, the events of a very real military operation from the Second World War set against the fictionalized account of a terrorist attack on the United States in the year 2017. The book was adapted from a screenplay also written by the author for the same material. The book details the efforts from British Intelligence as well as polish resistance fighters on the ground with a sprinkling of the complex relationships that can develop during war. Despite speaking different languages, hailing from different countries and being different genders everyone is working for the same cause and the biggest question is, will they succeed?

The Vengeance Game by Dennis Ciapura is a bit unique in the book world, it was originally conceived as a screenplay which the author adapted into a novel, however many elements from the screenplay remain. These elements really helped to convey the feelings and thoughts of the characters and did a great job at setting the scene. I loved how Ciapura balanced the story with the facts as well as the human side to it, and though he admits there may be some artistic license due to the circumstances having the story of the resistance fighters and their struggle to complete their goal really brought the story to life.

Be warned however, if you are expecting this to read like a typical novel you are going to be in for a surprise. While there are the typical elements of any book like an intro, climax and end, character development and background the whole book still has the feel of a screenplay to it and came off a bit cold because of this. There was almost no description of the scenery, and where the characters were described it sounded more like a doctor or examiners report of a patient. The short length of the book only seemed to compound this matter, preventing Ciapura from exploring the events further.

I feel like I complain about the short length of these books a lot, perhaps I am just too greedy but I would love to see this book expanded. I think Ciapura has something great here, even though some might say the World War II era genre is a little oversaturated Ciapura blends facts and fiction very well and I think, if given more room to expand could craft an amazing novel from this story.

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