Friday, 26 June 2015

Book review: Numberless Dreams by Kelly Thacker

'Numberless Dreams' has me at a loss. It's a wonderful story, and I love how in the end we see the main character, Autumn, fully come into herself after hitting rock bottom. It's a great story about the strength of a woman, the strength of true love, and the power of forgiveness. It has all of that, and it's what makes it such a powerful novel.

But the back is a little misleading, as is the first chapter. I was expecting the novel to be more about the marriage and re-marriage, but it was about so much more. Not that I'm complaining, not at all. I just had to shift my view a bit to fully appreciate Thacker's novel. Some of it felt a bit pieced together, but it all worked out very well and I absolutely fell in love with the main characters. Autumn's in-laws, I'm sure I was supposed to like them both but I felt a bit distant from them. I was okay with that, with how filling it was to read about Autumn and her husband, and even her daughter.

Overall, 'Numberless Dreams' is a novel about how important it is to discover your inner strength, and to fight to let it out for all your worth. It's too easy to let yourself get lost in the negativity the world puts on our shoulders, and this novel reminds us the joy that comes after the self-reflection.

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