Monday, 30 May 2016

Book Review: September Sky by John A. Heldt


While this is only the second novel by Mr. Heldt I've read, I'm convinced he can basically do no wrong. I remember after reading "The Mine" I was trying to remember the actors in a movie I saw recently, and realized it hadn't been a movie. It was his book. "September Sky" is no exception.

Unlike 'The Mine' the two main characters, Chuck and Justin, knew and chose to travel back in time. In fact, they even chose the year. It made me wonder if I had a choice of a few years, when I would travel back to. It definitely would not be an easy choice for me, but I think they made a good decision and we learn that Chuck had an ulterior motive to choosing 1900.

Once in 1900, the two quickly defy their orders and travel to Texas in order to change history. As with all time travel novels, there's always the issue of the time paradox, and whether or not you can truly change the past. In Heldt's novels, you can, but we don't see the evidence of it effecting the present which I suppose is something Chuck and Justin were careful about.

I enjoyed the characters, and but for a few times where the dialogue didn't seem quite "there" the characters were memorable enough to overlook their flaws. I found Emily a little rough around the edges, but her development was wonderful. I found Charlotte to be the least developed. She seemed much too simple, to me at least. But of course I still liked her.

The novel seemed a bit longer than necessary but I'm not complaining as I love the author's writing style. The story, while drawn out, was written in a way that gave me a connection to what was happening. I was always wondering what was going to come around the next corner, as certain things hadn't been resolved yet. And, of course, everything was tied up nicely together in the end.

For anyone who enjoy historical fiction, and even a tiny bit of sci-fi (there is time travelling, after all) I highly recommend this novel. And all of Heldt's other novels.

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