Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review for "Carrier" by Timothy Johnson

Carrier By Timothy Johnson

Carrier by Timothy Johnson Is a mysterious thriller set against the backdrop of space travel. It centers on the crew of the Atlas and glances at their lives, their history and their reasons for signing up to be the crew on a ship that travels hundreds of miles away from the planet Earth. Everyone on board the Atlas is looking to escape something; whether it be the new totalitarian regime on Earth or the decisions they made in a past life, for everyone on board the Atlas, this is their home. Everything changes when a secret agent for New Earth’s Council comes on board and orders them to the edges of space to obtain a mysterious material from a dying planet. When they do the haven that was the Atlas becomes anything but, and some difficult decisions need to be made.

What author Timothy Johnson has crafted here is superb. Carrier blends together mystery, suspense, horror and science fiction into this energetic tale that pulled me in and did not disappoint. Johnson created such a vivid world on board the Atlas that at every turn and twist in the story I was at the edge of my seat and felt fully immersed. There are a few characters we get to hear from and they are just as expertly rendered in the book as the story-line that you feel like they are about to jump off the page and start a conversation with you.

Johnson strives to pack in as much detail and imagery as possible into every scene and every interaction, which is sometimes detrimental to the story-line. Johnson’s tendency to load up on descriptives can sometimes bog the reader down and slows the progress of the plot. The book is also heavy with symbology which at times is woven seamlessly into the story and other times sticks out like a sore thumb, but if you are a fan of mysteries with a touch of science fiction and romantic turmoil this is the book for you.

My greatest hope for this book is that it be turned into a movie pronto, because it is beautifully set up for an adaptation and is a story that desperately needs to be up on the big screen. 

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