Sunday, 17 May 2015

Book review: Delusional by Scott Spotson


Delusional by Scott Spotson is an entertaining, and thrilling read. The pacing was spot on, and kept me engaged the whole way through. I actually really enjoyed how the majority of the novel was based on reality rather than focusing on the fantasy, or perhaps paranormal. It made it so that when those elements were fully exposed, I was already engrossed in the plot and characters that the paranormal just seemed...normal.

I think that's the appeal to this book: it was normal. I could connect with the characters. I felt like they were people I'd see at a coffee shop any day of the week. Those are the people I want to read about. I don't want perfect sounding characters. I want to think that anyone I see could be these characters, like they're in my world as much as I am in theirs. That's what Spotson wrote, and I'm thankful I was given the chance to read his work. I would have liked to see some elements fleshed out a bit more (specifically with Samantha, and the confrontation with Paul, Wendy, and Patricia) and there was definitely enough room to do so but overall it still worked without it.

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