Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pre-Release Review of 'Logos"

“Logos is a fiction book about Jacob, a Jewish architect and craftsman living in Jerusalem at the time of the First Jewish Revolts. He and his family are caught between those who want a revolution and those who wish to keep the status quo and thus peace. Eventually Jacob must suffer the consequences of his actions and is forced to battle his inner demons as he travels the world in order to understand the part his God has set for him to play.”

If you love historical fiction you will enjoy Logos. Jacob as a main character was an interesting choice. He is neither a hero nor a villain but a personable guy who displays both traits. He is not the most handsome man, the strongest, wisest or smartest but he has a lot of heart. He loves his family and his country, and it’s that love that is the source of his suffering. You find yourself rooting for him, despite almost always failing at what he sets out to do, however all is explained. The author John Neeleman tends to put him through a lot, but at the end all of his pain and suffering is explained as part of the process and very much necessary to the ending. His emotions always seem to run to the extremes, and his constant outpouring of grief wears on you after a while.

The book has plenty of supporting characters, some of whom you may recognize if you have some Jewish/Christian, background but they don`t seem to have much substance, usually only displaying one emotion or one function to the plot. I will say Neeleman has a talent for describing the scenery, the landscape and vegetation almost becoming another character in the novel with personality affecting the main character and in turn being affected by him. My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough, I felt that the characters and the plot could have been delved into deeper and I was left wanting more of their story and to see it developed further.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I think the author took an interesting take on a well-known and beloved story.

The book comes out on March 10th and here is the amazon link

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