Friday, 20 February 2015

Review of "Just Dreams" by L.J. Taylor

“Just Dreams is a fast paced romantic thriller centered on government agencies, rogue agents and a lawyer named Kathy Brooks who is caught in the middle of a conspiracy she hadn't planned for. Her first solo client happens to be a handsome widower driven by the need for revenge for the deaths of his wife and child. His drive blinds him to the chaos he creates until someone special to him is put in the line of fire. Meanwhile powerful forces are concerned over exposing themselves and their interests. “

Just Dreams by L.J. Taylor is a romantic story occurring within a spy thriller. We see the story playing out from a few different perspectives which since there was a huge espionage element worked very well. As the reader we got to see the various interconnected threads of the story, but the Taylor was still able to maintain a sense of mystery throughout.

The relationship that grows between Kathy and Charles is pretty typical of most romance novels, as is the descriptions of the sex scenes (yes there are sex scenes) but anyone who is familiar with this genre will know to expect that. There is a however a higher level of emotional evaluation from the characters than you would normally get from the standard type, and that is what makes this refreshing.

The case that is being tried in court is the bigger part of this novel comprising a fairly widespread conspiracy and in particular the actions of one agent determined to protect the truth from coming out. The character of Manning could have been developed further, and it’s only at the end that we get a glimpse of his motivations, but despite this he throws in the right amount of chaos and drama to round out the story.

My biggest complaint is the dialogue, as it is with most romance books. It is so flat and non-descript that it breaks the flow of the narrative and feels unrealistic. There were also references made in the book that made the book seem like it was written in the eighties instead of 2015 that while it didn't affect my enjoyment of the book seemed strange for what should be a modern novel.

Overall this is a fairly typical romantic thriller that takes the genre to the next level with more intrigue and action than you might expect. Its short and sweet and a perfect guilty pleasure.

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