Saturday, 10 January 2015

Book Review: Falling for Santa by Heather Diane

Falling for Santa (Christmas Prayers Romances, #1)

Holly only wants one thing for Christmas: a man to share the holidays with. In 'Falling for Santa,' Heather Diane gives us the story of Holly Berré who prays for a man to make her holidays, and life, a little less lonely. And then two single men move in, one on each side of her house. In the typical holiday movie/novel fashion, we follow Holly as she tries to make what ends up being a very important decision.

Diane's novel was extremely entertaining, for what it is. This is the novel version of the Hallmark Christmas movies which are mentioned within the novel itself. Once the two men, Albert and Ben (or as I like to call them, Plan A or B) are introduced you know exactly what is going to happen. There's nothing surprising about this novel, or new. But that perhaps lends to its readability for many people. Okay, let's face it: this is a woman's only book. I can't see many men enjoying it, but you never know. By the end of the novel, I was rooting for one man in particular, even if I in no way thought Holly deserved him. But, as with romance novels of this nature, they did and likely lived happily ever after. If you want a ridiculously cute holiday romance novel to pass the time, then this is the book to pick up. I was able to read it in one sitting, and it was well worth the time. Despite the series title being 'Christmas Prayers Romance' I urge anyone to read it, as the Christian theme really isn't apparent, in case that turned people away. It's still the typical 'feel-good' story, and extremely entertaining.

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