Monday, 26 January 2015

Book review: After the Sky Fell

After the Sky Fell (Sky Chronicles Book 2)

'After the Sky Fell' by Mike Lynch is the second installment of the epic sci-fi/fantasy saga, the Sky Chronicles. After a fierce battle thirty years earlier, Earth is once again threatened by a dark species known as the Deravans as prophesied by the Antarians. After being defeated once by a great warrior, the Deravans believe they can change the scriptures and win the second battle. With the help of the Creators, the warrior is to win for a second time, conquering the Deravans and their leader, Abaddon, once and for all.

This is truly a wonderful novel. Despite not having read the first in the series, I had no problem catching on. 'After the Sky Fell' is actually what I consider Christian sci-fi, as it mirrors the events prophesied in Revelation. Even the leader of the Deravans is another name of Satan, which I thought was clever to use. As much as I enjoyed the novel, and would recommend to both Christians and non-believers, there are some unfortunate flaws which detracted from my reading experience. The version I was given to review does not read like a final copy. There are quite a few grammatical errors, but not as many spelling errors which is a plus. The worst was continuity with character names and pronouns. Wrong names are used throughout the book with scenes consisting of only two characters, and suddenly one of the characters change for a few paragraphs which was extremely jarring. At a pivotal, and what should have been an emotionally charged, scene, the names switched which made me lose the emotions that had built and I had to re-read the section.

With an extremely thorough edit, these issues should be cleared up. Once that's done, there's nothing stopping this novel from being a great hit. Revelation is already such an amazing and action-packed book, that it only makes sense that a novel based on its message would be the same. If you're looking for a complex space sci-fi novel, this is the one to read. It is one of those novels that makes you wonder about the universe God created, and Lynch does a great job of giving one answer to a 'what if?' What if there are other beings on different planets? How does the gospel affect them? Lynch, while staying as true to scripture as possible within the confines of science-fiction, has successfully shown what it is to have true faith in the face of destruction.

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