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Character interview with Christine de Pisan Daniel of "Spellcaster"

On Writing had the pleasure of interviewing Christine de Pisan 

Daniel from "Spellcaster"

Spellcaster by [Bachman, George]

In a turn-of-the century England steeped in steampunk and magic, Christine learns her life-threatening illness stems from her paranormal visions. During the London Season, Allie, her beloved sister and the family heir, seeks a noble match while she searches the occult underground for answers. But the only witch who can help will not do so unless Allie marries her beau, an impoverished aristocrat, so that the illicit pair can share Allie's wealth.

Tell us a little about yourself? Where do you come from?
·         I am Christine de Pisan Daniel. I consider myself as much an American girl as a citizen of Provence, where I was born to professional parents who left me in this world all too soon. Fortunately their good friends, the Kotts, took me in and have been as much of a family to me as they.

Tell us a little about your home, what are your feelings towards home?
·         Home is wherever my sisters Natalie, Alison, our other adopted sister Marie, and their parents Mr. And Mrs. Kott are. In America we spent far too much time trying to infiltrate the upper echelons of society so resistant to the noveau riche. In England we've been made to feel more welcomed by the impoverished lords who want to marry into our money.

What motivates you along your journey?
·         My family's happiness is everything to me, even if the somewhat wild Marie and the somewhat incautious Allie tend to see me as overprotective of their virtue, a real killjoy.

How do you see yourself/ how do you see yourself in relation to the rest of the world?
·         I believe the measure of a person is how much she is loved by her friends and how much she gives to them. I am a scholar who has a few waves among my set with my translations. I hope to be an example to my sisters in this new, English world of temptation and I watch out for them even when this exasperates all of us.

What characteristics do you consider important in a person? What kind of people do you try to surround yourself with?
·         Kindness, intelligence, compassion, resillience, courage. The people I surround myself with teach me these virtues every day.

What do you see for yourself in the future? Where will you be? What kind of person do you want to become?

·         want to see my sisters happily married and my adoptive parents ecstatic about it.                   Curiously I haven't envisioned my own future, perhaps because if I don't find a way to         end these visions causing my illness, I won't have one

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