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Character interview with Zoe from "Grains of Truth"

On Writing interviews Zoe from "Grains of Truth" to gain a little truth ourselves. 

Grains of Truth: Bonds of friendship cannot be broken by [Ferry-Perata, Elizabeth]

What are the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane?

In the world of a Texas feed store, the line between reality and truth blurs when love and friendship are at stake. Meet Sarah and Zoe, two best friends who work in a family-owned feed store. Their lives begin to unravel when love sparks between Sarah and the feed store owner’s only heir, Tom. Patriarch Otis quickly makes it known that his only son’s future won’t include the feed store “girl”. The clash over Tom’s love life erupts in a family feud where business is expected to trump love. In the meantime, a romance also ignites between Zoe and the local town physician whom she nicknames “Dr. Sex on Two Legs”. The women are quickly caught up in a family feud that leads to unexpected consequences, loss and tragedy.

Grains of Truth is an intense, emotional and passion-filled story about two best friends looking for that one thing everyone wants — love. It’s a story about friendship and accepting what you can’t change. Grains of Truth will move you to tears and leave you astonished. It’s a must-read story with an unexpected twist.

Tell us a little about yourself? Where do you come from?
My name is Zoe. I am a single mother of an active son named Derek. We live in a small, 2 bedroom home, where we enjoy eating pizza, watching movies and spending time in the yard. Derek is my little man. I work as a bookkeeper for Otis’s feed store. I enjoy my job because of my friendships with that I have established with Tom and Sarah.

Tell us a little about your home, what are your feelings towards home?
As I stated earlier, my home is small but very comfortable. My son and I have taken pride in the yards and enjoy spending time outside as well. We love watching nature. One thing that we love to do is laugh. Laugh at each other, but also with each other. Family is one of my firm values.

What motivates you along your journey?
My son Derek is what motivates me along my journey. My son gives me so much joy. I enjoy watching him play sports, but also seeing him interact with his friends. I strive to make sure that he and I are taken care of and we have a place to call home. It is not uncommon for our home to be extended to our friends especially to my best friend Sarah. After work, we will drink wine and eat pizza, while watching Derek build Legos or run around outside.

How do you see yourself/ how do you see yourself in relation to the rest of the world?
I see myself as someone that loves her family, and is driven and very focused.

What is most important to you in this world?
My son Derek is the most important thing to me. But, also my friendships with Sarah and Tom. We have really been through a lot of we have learned to share with each other o ur struggles. To me this has helped me be a stronger person both as a friend and a mother.

What characteristics do you consider important in a person? What kind of people do you try to surround yourself with?
For me loyalty is what is very important characteristic. I think that when we make friends we really put ourselves out there and yes we can get hurt, but we need to learn that we can trust others to support us when we need them the most.

What do you see for yourself in the future? Where will you be? What kind of person do you want to become?

I want to be a person that is loved by my friends and to be remembered both as a excellent mother, but also as a great friend. I am hoping to see where my personal relationships go, especially with Luke and we shall we what happens…

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