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Review for "The Adventures of Isabelle Book 1: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho" by Nicole Cutts

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The Adventures of Isabelle Book 1: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho by Nicole Cutts

The Adventures of Isabelle Book 1: The Embryo Goddess and the Morpho by Nicole Cutts is a delightful and energetic romp through a quasi-fantasy world. The heroine of the story is the only daughter of a great king, taking on the monumental task of defending the colonies of the kingdom and restoring order after the void her father leaves. From a personal perspective Isabelle sees this as an opportunity to prove her worth and test he skills she has learnt, as well as mend a broken heart.

This book was fun; it was fun to read, fun to immerse myself in, and left me on a satisfying cliffhanger. The Princess, Isabelle, was very relatable and I enjoyed her development. Cutts purposefully created a multi-dimensional character here, something that eschews the traditional tale of a damsel in distress or a complete tomboy. Here we see Isabelle enjoy riding horses, learning how to fight, but also enjoying her studies and indulging in fine dresses. She doesn’t fit into any sort of mould, which is refreshing and something sorely needed in the fantasy genre.

While I did love the book, I must say it was a little juvenile. Cutts does explain in the prologue how she wanted to write the kind of story she wished she could read when she was a little girl, and while I think she succeeded here, if you are an older woman or teen this book may not satisfy your reading needs. This would not make it onto my must have book shelf, but it would certainly be my first pick for a present to a young kid in the hopes it would inspire them to build an egalitarian world that Isabelle strives for. Women do not need a knight in shining armour to rescue them, and this book embodies that concept. 

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  1. Thanks for your review! The book was written for a young adult to adult audience. Most of my positive feedback has come from women 40 and up. Book II unfortunately is going to leave very young readers behind because it gets a bit racy! Again thank you for reviewing. Be well.