Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book review - Heart of Stone by H. Lynn Keith

Heart of Stone

While my own series is sci-fi, I've found that I'm quite picky about the sci-fi that I read. That being said, I've found that I'm not a fan of techno sci-fi. Heart of Stone is an interesting book. It goes into extreme details about nearly everything (from sailing to computer systems) but most of it was just way too much for me. Someone who enjoys details will really enjoy the novel, but after roughly 62 pages there was enough information and detail about Stone sailing that I feel as though I can get on a sailboat and do a decent job. 

There's a good story deep down, looking at AI as a person and the inherent consequences that come along with that. I loved seeing Joyce develop, and the relationship between her and Stone. But the rest of it seemed too much. He'd been under the radar for years, and now suddenly all at once everyone is after him. There were some characters who simply didn't need to be included at all and only further complicated the story.

Other characters were there for convenience, but could still be written out, like Skip's son Craig. That was probably the worst scene, between Craig, Sandy, and a bunch of people blackmailing them. Including Skip. On the other hand, there was some great relationships with some of the minor characters, such as the dock master in Singapore. It was the little things like that which made those parts of the book realistic and endearing.

Overall, for what it is (a techno-thriller/spy book) I think it's pretty good. It's definitely not my cup of tea, though. Anyone with an understanding of programming, hacking, and sailing, would thoroughly enjoy this book.

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