Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Book review: Green City Savior by Christen Civiletto


Niagara Falls, New York is known as a honeymoon hotspot to the world. But to the residents of the historic city it is known as a different type of hot spot. Cancer, diseases, toxic waste are all found here, destroying its economy and people. But hope comes in the form of a residential development, a town within a town called Cascata Verde. The Green City. Based on the promise of clean soil and water, the city of Niagara Falls begins to believe they have found their saviour. When it's discovered the earth is still tormented by radioactive waste, they are confronted by the One who can make all things new, their one true Restorer.

'Green City Savior' (a Green City novel) by Christen Civiletto is a moving story, and truly touched home for me. My own family has lived in the Canadian Niagara region since 1812 and the area is dear to my heart. When the novel presents issues with the environment and how it has affected health, it was amazing how true to life it was and it's very clear that Civiletto is passionate about the issue. The novel is told from a few different points of view which helped depict various aspects of the plot and showed how all things, and people, are connected.

What was best about this novel was the steady increase in how the characters relied on God. Civiletto uses scripture to show how, as Christians (and Jews, since the book of Genesis relates to them too) we have been commissioned by our Creator with the care of this earth. We cursed the ground with our sin, but that does not relieve us of our duty to take care of God's creation. In the end, He is the one who can and will make all things new. This theme was really brought out at the end of the novel.

'Green City Saviour' is a lovely novel demonstrating how our sins have affected the earth, and each other. But what's better is that this is a novel that shows the redeeming power of God's love.

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