N.M Sotzek's Review Policy


I love to read. That being said, I don't love reading everything. If you want me to review a book that's not the first in a series, you better hope that it can stand on its own. I review every single book I read, whether I like it or not. This is your warning.

I accept ONLY adult fiction in the following genres (or any mix of the following)
- fantasy
- historical fiction
- Christian
- science-fiction
- women's fiction
- military
- non-fiction (ONLY animal non-fiction, and as a forewarning, books in this genre may either be reviewed by me or my husband or both) 

I do not accept:
- short stories/graphic novels
- poetry
- erotica
- anything with excessive swearing

If you wrote a novel about children, or teenagers, or in early years of college/university then it's not adult fiction and I won't review it. Period.

How to get a review
Make sure your novel is in one of the categories I'll read (see above). Send me an e-mail at onwritingbookreview@outlook.com.

What to put in your query
In the subject line, please put: your last name, book title, and genre (in that order). If you don't, I will reject you. I will be getting strict with this. I won't even read the message. I'll automatically reject you. Because I'm mean.

In the body of the e-mail, please give me the back cover blurb of your novel. If it's a pre-release, I'd love to see a cover so you can include that as an attachment. Let me know if you'd like a pre-release review and I'll see what can be arranged. Please do not send me a copy of your novel. Not yet, anyway.

DO NOT include reviews in your query. I don't care what other people have to say about your book. I'll decide for myself.

What happens next
Once I receive your email, I'll take a look at it and I will respond with my decision. Yes, that's right. I will let you know if I want to review it. I won't leave you hanging...because I hate it when people do that to me. If I accept, I'll get you to send me a copy of your novel.

Formats I accept
Paperback is always nice, but I know not always cost efficient for indie authors. I will accept .epub and .mobi. For heaven's sake, no pdf or Word documents. Those are just silly. If you send me anything other than epub or mobi, I will not review your book even if I've already said yes.

When you can expect the review
I will post each review as I finish the book. That being said, I have a huge reading list. Check out my reading queue to get an idea of what I might get to your book.

Where people can find my review
On my blog, of course. I will also post it to Goodreads, and Amazon (if your novel is on any of those.) If there are any other websites you have your novel listed, I'd be more than happy to leave a review there as well but please tell me which websites you want the review posted to.

Important information regarding review trades
Once I've finished reading your book and the review is written, I will e-mail you before I post it. I will post it once I have confirmation that you've finished reading my book as well. I've had the issue where people aren't honouring their end of the trade, and that's not cool. I also will post the review of your novel regardless of it being positive or negative. That goes for all reviews I write, so be warned.

I do not accept monetary gifts for my reviews. They will always be free. I will be honest, but not brutal. I don't agree with being rude for the sake of it, as I want you to do well but I also want to give my readers my true opinion of a novel.

Other things I do
- author/character interviews
- trade reviews (I scratch your book, you scratch mine kind of deal)
- blog tour guest posts
- cover reveals


  1. I am a Portuguese writer with several books published. I am currently translating my books to English. I would like an honest opinion about my first translated title, so I would be grateful if you were interested in reading my book. Wait for a response from you.

    Thank you for your support.
    Best Regards

    Ambra Blanchett

    1. Hello Ambra, and thank you for visiting.

      For a review, please re-read my policy to find out how you can get a review from me.